Not long ago, the only thing on Lloyette’s mind was to just save her daughter, Skylar. She found herself in an emotionally unstable marriage, which soon escalated to physical abuse. Once so full of confidence, Lloyette began to lose her sense of self-worth. More and more, she felt her life spin out of control.

“Thanks to the donors at HIS House, we no longer have to worry about the past. I have so much hope and can finally provide for my daughter.”

At HIS House, Lloyette gained full custody of her daughter. and began the healing journey towards rediscovering her value and worth. Lloyette attended Spark Point OC to learn the tools and resources needed to eliminate debt. Today, Lloyette works as an esthetician and lives in a two-bedroom apartment with Skylar.

Your support helps provide homeless families with the support they need to become self-sufficient. Thank you for giving homeless families hope for a better future!


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